It is true that successful weddings happen every day without a professional planner or coordinator; after all, in the end, as long as a bride and groom have said their “I do,” can anyone really say it was a flat-out flop of a wedding?

With the rise of DIY sites and blogs and with the idea of saving some cash, there has been a new era of couples foregoing the traditional wedding planner and instead organizing and executing the day themselves. There is a consensus that wedding planners, coordinators, and stylists are expensive and not manageable with a strict budget. And while it is true that depending on the experience of the expert you may dig a little deeper into your pockets, there are many who are reasonably priced and with a little research, it is entirely possible to find someone who can fit your budget and style.

Why bother with a professional?

Would you believe that a professional in the wedding industry saves you time, energy and even (gasp) money?

Time to be honest. How many Pinterest projects have looked like a winner but after three trips to Michaels or Joann’s you came out regretting the attempt?

A professional either knows the craft of creating those beautiful projects or has the connection to get it done at a reasonable cost. Where does that leave you? With a mimosa in hand relaxing while deciding if you’ll wear your hair up or down on the big day.

Consider the fact that your planner, stylist, or coordinator has made numerous connections, they have access to wholesale businesses that you as an individual may not and they have the experience to know where to spend the money and where to cut.

If you keep in mind that a venue typically only allows for a few hours to set up and rehearse, hiring a stylist or planner is a total time and energy saver. They also have set up and down, down to an art. A professional can create a ceremony and reception that has the cohesiveness and beauty that you have been drooling over on Instagram for the last few months.

These are the tip of the iceberg to the benefits of having a professional wedding planner or coordinator at your side during these exciting and at times stressful months. In the end, this is one of the biggest days of your life it is worth looking into hiring someone who will take the stress upon themselves to make sure that your day is exactly what you had planned!

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